• Exterieur at Trypoul Recording Studios
  • Exterieur at Trypoul Recording Studios
  • Neve 88RS Console at Trypoul Recording Studios
  • Interieur at Trypoul Recording Studios
  • Main Hall at Trypoul Recording Studios

The concept

At Trypoul Recording Studios you can have a choice. Go Analogue all the way, Hybrid or Digital. Choose between world-class consoles like the Neve 88RS, a vintage Neve 8014 or an SSL 4000E series console. We have top of vintage and modern outboard gear and loads of plug-ins. A big variety of recording rooms to choose from in any combination.


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The Recording facility is situated in the south east of the Netherlands, near Eindhoven. We have our own fenced parking. There is full wheelchair accessibility. Free Wi-Fi, several TV screens, a bar and kitchen and BBQ place. We can arrange lunch an / or diner for you. Within 8 minutes walking distance there is a very nice B&B. For the ‘Long Stayers’ the use of the swimming pool and tennis court at the studio-facility is free.

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Trypoul Recording Studios

Moostenstraat 30

5758 RX Neerkant

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)77 466 3117


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